Hard Wax Beans, Hair Removal (Lavender Wax Beans)


  • ❀ High Quality & Safe Approved- Made From Certified Natural Ingredients, Lavender Smell, moreover no harmful chemicals when melting. The hard wax hair removal is totall physical process, no harm to skins.
  • ❀ Save Time & Protect Your Privacy -Now you don’t have to spend time at a salon getting a Brazilian Wax! Waxing yourself at home in any time, Hair Removal Parts: arms, legs, face, armpit, sensitive areas. Suitable for hair removal on all parts of the body. Particularly effective on the bikini area. More suitable for small area hair removal.
  • ❀ Usage- Easy Use warmer machine to melt the hard wax to a workable status. Then using a spatula to stir the wax. Tear off the wax from your skin directly by hand (without applying strips on top ) after the wax is cold and becomes hard ,and it can remove above 90% of the hairs at one time, then you can use a tweezer remove the rest hairs or apply the wax a second time.
  • ❀ Perfect & Long Lasting Result- Experience smooth skin that lasts 3 times longer than shaving, since shaving cuts the hair follicle at the skin. But the wax firmly gripping each strand, gently removing it from the root, around 85% to 99% success rate without any side effects. Waxing hair removal extracts hair from the root and thus slower growth, enjoying being hairless at least for 3 weeks.
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee: Just for full refund or replacement if there is the issue with the wax beans. Please feel free to email us if you have any questions about the wax. Thank you!



✔ 获得 FEMIRO 脱毛蜡豆 –享受光滑的肌肤,拥抱美丽的生活

✔ 去除所有敏感区域的毛发– 我们的高效比基尼硬蜡非常适合您的眉毛、面部、腋下、手臂、腿部和比基尼区域!

✔ 节省您的钱 –这是可用的最大硬蜡珠笔芯!使用 1 磅(450 克)优质脱毛蜡珠,您将得到几个月的保护!

✔ 节省您的精力 –与其他难以使用的发蜡加热套件不同,即使您是初学者,我们的敏感蜡珠也非常易于使用。

FEMIRO wax beans is perfect for both women and men who want to get rid of hair. No need to spend all your money at beauty salons to get a wax beans for sensitive skin any more. Do it easily at home. Our sensitive skin wax beads formula contains natural pine rosin, beeswax and vegetable oil to maintain elasticity even at a low temperature, enhancing pliability, smoothness and grip.

FEMIRO Hard Wax Bean Features:

✔ 100% natural hair removal wax

✔ No strips or pre-wax oil required.

✔ Developed for all types of skin: armpit, bikini area, eyebrows, face, nose, legs, back, neck, hands, beard and other stubborn hair growth area, more suitable for small area hair removal.

✔ FEMIRO wax beans for sensitive skin or all skin types. It leaves the skin feeling pleasantly fresh and soft. It dries in very little time and extremely easy to apply. Ideal for any season.

✔FEMIRO hard wax has a creamy texture, and is ideal for large areas of the body as well as for sensitive zones. Thanks to its powerful hair removal ability, it effectively works on all types and lengths of hair.

What‘s the benefit?

  • Ideal for face/leg/ bikini /eyebrows/nose/ hands waxing for women men for even the most sensitive areas.
  • Wax for hair removal from root ensures that hair regrowth is slow and you can flaunt your glamorous skin longer.
  • New and exclusive formula for this leg wax beads that minimize discomfort during waxing, making hair removal easier and reducing any subsequent irritation. Specially formulated for waxing beads for sensitive skin.

How to use?

  • Melt appropriate amount of FEMIRO sensitive skin wax beads in a waxing warmer. Apply wax beans on the wrist to test temperature.
  • Heat the wax to a melting temperature to runny honey texture.
  • After the hard wax beans melted, spread a layer of wax with a spatula on the skin along.
  • When the wax dry out, remove the wax with a firm action against the direction of the hair growth quickly and strongly.

Why choose us?

  • FEMIRO wax beads refill can be used with any kind of waxing kit.
  • FEMIRO sensitive skin wax beads melt quickly and can be pulled off cleanly. Works great on all hair types.
  • Get salon quality waxing results without any budget. Wax when it’s convenient for you in the privacy of your home.
  • We made with only the best ingredients in our Brazilian hard wax beads. Natural, powerful and soothing. Our hard wax beans sticks to your hair, not your skin.

How to storage?

  • Please be sure to seal wax beans if you didn’t finish using it in one time.
  • Please storage the wax in cool place and avoid direct sunlight, otherwise the wax will melt.

Warning Tips:

  • Do not use wax on broken or irritated skin.
  • Do not use wax within 2 hours after taking a shower or sunbathing or sunbathing.
  • Keep away from Children.


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